July 16th, 2024

Since 2021, Munich-based OroraTech, a global industry leader in space-based fire intelligence, and SOPFEU, Société de Protection des Forets contre Le Feu, a firefighting service in Quebec, have been working together to improve their wildfire monitoring and detection system.

Through the ongoing exchange of expertise and latest data, SOPFEU and OroraTech have been actively working over the past two years to refine the detection of wildfires in the province of Quebec.

Therefore, OroraTech has developed a new metric to optimize the thermal detection of fire sources from space.

“This metric we are working on together with SOPFEU, can be a game changer in the wildfire detection performance around the world,” says Camilo Pabón, Customer Success Manager at OroraTech.

In return, SOPFEU provides valuable feedback and information for OroraTech’s first satellite constellation to be launched into space in 2024.

In Canada alone, combatting wildfires requires an annual expenditure of approximately $1 billion, with additional indirect expenses that are significantly higher.