Welcome to the State of Bavaria Office in Montreal

The State of Bavaria Montreal Office promotes exchange and cooperation between Bavaria and Canada in the fields of economics, politics, technology, environment, research, education, homeland security, agriculture and culture.

Our activities are mainly focused on the province of Quebec, with which Bavaria signed its first official bilateral cooperation agreement on January 18, 1989.

Since the opening of our office in 1999, more than 600 projects have been initiated through this continuous cooperation.

Cooperation between Bavaria and Quebec

The State of Bavaria Office in Montreal contributes to the long-standing cooperation between Bavaria and Quebec by spearheading and supporting exchanges and projects in the economic, political, scientific, technological, cultural, societal and educational fields.

Cooperation Bavaria-Canada

Apart from the cooperation with the province of Quebec, the State of Bavaria Office also actively supports the economic and scientific exchange between Bavaria and other Canadian provinces. In particular, the scientific and technical cooperation between Bavaria and Alberta, as well as the promotion of bilateral research projects between Bavarian research teams and the National Research Council Canada (NRC) are worth mentioning.

Our Partners